Hello, I have an O2 prepaid SIM now. I want to get it ported to Winsim postpaid contract from O2 prepaid. Please let me know how do I proceed ? 1. Cancel your current contract and request immediate portability You should end your current plan in time, so that you don’t have to pay for two phone plans. Once you have cancelled the contract, you can take your phone number to other providers even 120 days before your contract actually ends. If your contract has already ended, you can take your number to another provider within 30 days after the termination date. Das Guthaben der Test­karte betrug vor der Umstel­lung 9,72 Euro. Etwa 2 Stunden nach Buchung der Option trafen zwei SMS-Botschaften ein. Die erste um 11:26 Uhr von 7277: “Bei der Einrich­tung Ihrer Daten­option ist ein Fehler aufge­treten. Bitte prfen Sie, ob Ihr Prepaid Guthaben ausreicht, um ihre gebuchte Daten­option im aktu­ellen Abrech­nungs­monat zu akti­vieren. Sobald Sie Ihr Guthaben aufladen, wird wieder Ihre gebuchte Daten­option akti­viert. Um Daten zu nutzen, knnen sie alter­nativ ein Angebot auf pass.telekom.de (Deutsch/English) auswhlen.” I have requested for releasing the number from my present network provider. They have informed me that the number has been released and it will be available for the future network provider.

They also told that I will be charged 29.95€ for this purpose. Now I found a best deal with the present network provider itself and requested them to extend my present contract. Now since I already requested them to release my number from them, they told me that I cannot retain again the same number. But I told them that since I extended the contract with them I need to have the same number. Could you let me know how to let this happen as they already released the number open for future providers. T-Mobile has different types of Prepaid plans to fit your needs. If you`re already on a prepaid plan. but you`re looking at moving to a postpaid plan. read about switching to a postpaid plan. Go to: There`s also prepaid equivalents of the plans: Prepaid Phone Plans | Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans | T-Mobile– keeps you from having to switch to postpaid and buy new SIM and all those other things. (There are reasons postpaid is better than prepaid.

but if you`ve been happy on the prepaid side for the past couple months. I don`t see a reason to change to postpaid. Yes, there is usually a fee of around 25€, or as in Vodafone’s case 29.99€. But you usually get the 25€ back from your new provider (as credit). In case of a prepaid card, you pay the fee with your available credit, so you should make sure that you have enough credit available (29.99€ or more) on your sim card. Wer ab sofort ein Prepaid-Star­terset fr MagentaMobil Prepaid erwirbt, profi­tiert auto­matisch von den neuen Preis­modellen mit mehr Daten­volumen und zustz­lichen Inklu­sivmi­nuten. Bestands­kunden mssen wiederum selbst aktiv werden und einen Tarif­wechsel vornehmen. Das ist inso­fern unver­stnd­lich, als die neuen voraus­bezahlten Tarife keine Verschlech­terungen, sondern ausschlie­lich verbes­serte Kondi­tionen mit sich bringen. That said. postpaid plans typically offer more perks than their prepaid counterparts. Opt for one of AT&T`s postpaid unlimited data plans.

and you get free HBO streaming and unlimited texting to . . . Hi, I recently moved to Germany and I started off using a prepaid sim from lycamobile. I was no longer satisfied with their service and decided to take a contract with 1und1. I contacted customer service of 1und1 and I was informed by the agent that it was not a problem. He said 1und1 would do my number porting. He then took my number down, took my personal details, made the contract and told me to call the control center as soon as I get a packet from them and that was it. I just called 1und1 control center now, only to be told that I have to do do the number porting myself, contact lycamobile and pay 30 euros to them.

I find this very strange and in total contradiction to what their agent told me before the contract.